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Reseller Partner Accounts

Classic FastSpring users now manage their Reseller Partners and Reseller Stores from the FastSpring App. Access your store and account with the new user interface at

A Reseller Partner is an individual or organization that purchases products from you, the seller, with the intention of reselling them. Sellers can request FastSpring Support to add a reseller to their account. Then, sellers control which products to sell to their reseller. 

Seller Capabilities

After FastSpring adds a reseller partner store to your account, you can:

  • Manage reseller partner relationships and the sign-up process.
  • Impose a credit limit, which enables immediate delivery to the reseller prior to their payment. This eliminates the approval process required for purchase orders and the waiting period for the reseller. 
  • Provide tracking and reporting to individual resellers.
  • Adjust product pricing for individual resellers.

Reseller Capabilities

After FastSpring approves your reseller, they can:

  • Independently manage orders, assigned licenses and unassigned licenses.
  • Access products immediately if a credit limit is in place.
  • Minimize data entry when placing orders, as most of their information is on file.
  • Grant additional users access to the partner account.