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Resellers: Purchase and Distribute Products

This document is intended for Reseller Partners. If you are a seller setting up a Reseller store, see our Reseller Partner Accounts document.

Before starting, make sure you have signed up as a Reseller for a FastSpring client and have received your login information.

Create an Order

To start reselling products, create an order of the products you want to resell from the Dashboard. If you do not see a product listed, the product owner either did not set up a Link Source Price Condition, or they did not add the product to the Reseller Store.

  1. Log in to the FastSpring App. Available Products lists the products that are available for you to sell. 
  2. Click Create New Order
  3. Optionally, enter a Reference, such as an Invoice or Purchase Order Number, to include on Invoices. 
  4. Next to Order Items, click Add. A popup appears. 
  5. Select a desired product from the drop-down menu. Enter the quantity you want to purchase, and click Add
    • Repeat Steps 4-5 until you have added each desired product to the Order. 
  6. Click Confirm > Okay to confirm the order. Changes are not possible after this point. 

To save the Order for later changes, click Save. Alternatively, to remove a product or cancel the order, click Cancel > Okay.

Payment Methods

In the Actions section, access your personal Invoices and Receipts, and make payments to the business.

The ways in which you can pay for the product depend on the permissions the gave you. If you have a Credit Limit, you do not owe the seller for the products until you have reached that limit. If you do not have available credit, payment is required in order to access and distribute licenses to consumers.

Credit Limits

If the company has given you a Credit Limit, you may deliver the products without immediate payment. Payment will be due after you reach the Credit Limit. When you checkout, you will receive a fulfillment email that includes your:

  • Order Reference Number
  • Total due
  • Payment Due Date
  • Link to view or print the invoice.  

The Invoice only includes instructions to pay by check or money order. To pay a different way, access the Order through the FastSpring App. Click Pay Now, and select the desired method.

Your Available Credit Limit is visible on your Dashboard. If an order is placed that exceeds your credit limit, the consumer will not receive their fulfillment until after your payment.

Check or Money Order

  1. Either in the FastSpring App, or your fulfillment email, click View Receipt / Invoice
  2. Follow the instructions on the Invoice to send a check or money order to the business. 
  3. After the check or money order arrives, the Order will move from Pending Payment to Completed
  4. After the payment is Completed, you can distribute the product(s) to the consumer.

Credit Card, PayPal, or Amazon 

  1. In the FastSpring App, click Pay Now
  2. When the Order Page opens, click Next. Here, you can review your Order, but you cannot make changes to the products or quantities. 
  3. Choose your Payment Method, then click Next
  4. Enter your Payment Details to complete the payment. 

Wire Transfer

Wire Transfers typically take 3 – 5 business days to process. If you do not have available credit, consumers will not receive their fulfillments until the wire transfer is received. The bank information on the invoice will vary depending on your location

  1. In the FastSpring App, click Pay Now
  2. After the Order opens, click Next > Wire Transfer > Next. You will be prompted with instructions to complete the Wire Transfer. 
  3. Optionally, download the Invoice. 


The manner in which your consumers receive their Fulfillments depends on how your account was set up by the company providing the product. It is possible you will be required to enter End User Information (consumer’s name and email address) in order to deliver the fulfillments.

Deliver a Fulfillment with Customer Information

After you create an Order, included products are listed under Available Products. The Available Licenses value includes the total remaining fulfillments available for distribution for all orders you have placed.

  1. Click on the product you want to deliver. 
  2. Click Activate Next License
  3. Under License Owner, enter the end user’s information and click Activate
  4. After reviewing the end user’s information and the license code, click Send License. The end user will receive the fulfillment from the company that owns the product. 
Instead of clicking Send License, you can copy the License Code into an email for your end user.

Deliver a Fulfillment without Customer Information

If end user information is not required for an Order, and you have available Credit in your Credit Limit, there is a button to Download Active Licenses in the Actions section of the FastSpring App.

  1. Click Download Active Licenses. Save or open the CSV file with license codes for the products in the Order. 
    • If you do not want to download the license files immediately, you can find the order under Recent and Pending Orders
  2. Distribute the fulfillment to your end user.