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Storefront URLs

Depending on the type of Storefront you have configured, there are various URLs you can use to access it. 

  • Web Storefronts: Use hyperlinks to send customers from your website, social media, or emails to your Storefront. Web Storefronts can direct the customer to your Storefront’s homepage or directly to a product page. 
  • Popup Storefronts: Each Popup Storefront lives in a secure iframe on your webpage. These load when your page loads, using a JavaScript snippet that includes your Popup Storefront’s URL. 

Each FastSpring Store has a unique subdomain, which is set at the time of Store creation and cannot be changed afterward. 

Access your Web Storefront URLs

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to Storefronts > Web Storefronts
  2. On the applicable Web Storefront, click Links. A Popup appears.
  3. Select the Link you would like to access or use:
    • Live Homepage URL – the Live product catalog page that consumers see when shopping. You cannot make test purchases here; if you make a purchase, you will be charged for the product(s) and delivered a fulfillment. 
    • Test Homepage URL – the Test version of your product catalog page. Here, you can access the Live Storefront in Test Mode to make test purchases. 
    • Live Product Page URL – the URL of a single product page, from which you can purchase that product to receive the fulfillment as configured in your store. This is the page consumers make purchases from. 
    • Test Product Page URL – the Test version of the Live Product page, from which you can make test purchases. 
    • Cart Page – Reflects Custom Orders that you have configured
  4. To access the page associated with the link, click Open. You can also highlight the link to copy it.
You can link to Storefronts by using the FastSpring API to generate a session URL. To do that, POST order details to the /sessions endpoint. The API responds with a unique session id that you can append to the Storefront URL like this:{session id}. Alternatively, calling the Store Builder Library's fastspring.builder.checkout({session id}) loads the session in the Storefront specified upon loading the library.


Access your Popup Storefront URL

Although you cannot link directly to a Popup Storefront using a hyperlink, every Popup Storefront has a URL.

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to Storefronts > Popup Storefronts.
  2. On the applicable Popup Storefront, click Place on your Website. The Checkout on your Website dialog appears.
  3. Next to data storefront =, the URL of your Popup Storefront is located within the quotation marks.
To access the Test version of the Popup Storefront, type .test between the Base URL and