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Subscription Add-On


Configure subscription add-ons to upsell or group multiple products with a single recurring billing amount.

Use subscription add-ons to bind non-subscription products to a subscription product. You can display subscription add-ons in your Web Storefront or using the Store Builder Library. The Popup Storefront does not support subscription add-ons.

Subscription add-ons are similar to Product Options, with two key differences:

  • There is no Alternative option because subscription add-ons are designed to supplement a subscription,
  • Subscription add-ons are billed as part of the primary subscription product

Suggest other non-subscription products within your Web Storefront when your customer selects a given subscription. Any add-on selected by the customer becomes part of the resulting subscription. Each time FastSpring bills the customer for the subscription, all associated add-ons that the customer selected during the initial transaction are also billed in a single aggregate charge.

Subscription Add-On Example

You configure Example Monthly Subscription with a price of $9.95 per month to offer a subscription add-on called Example Addon, which would otherwise be a standalone product costing $4.95.

If the customer selects the subscription add-on then the Subtotal automatically updates accordingly. Rather than $9.95 per month, the customer will be billed $14.90 per month.

Create Subscription Add-on

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to a subscription product detail page
  2. Scroll down to the Related Offers & Add-Ons section and click Add New > Add Subscription Addons.
  3. In the Add Subscription Add-ons window, choose between Single choice add-on or Multiple choice add-on and either select or deselect the options for Require Selection and Inherit Quantity.
  4. Enter an optional Display title and select an option from the Placement drop-down.
  5. In the Products field, start typing part of an existing Product name, select an option from the auto-suggest list, and select or deselect the option for Preselected.
  6. Click Save.
Any subscription add-on will appear in the Related Offers & Add-Ons section with an Edit button to make any changes. To remove a subscription add-on, click the Edit button and select Delete > OK.

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