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Subscription Add-Ons

When a customer selects a subscription, you can suggest non-subscription products within your Web Storefront. If the consumer selects an Add-On, it becomes part of their subscription. Each time FastSpring bills the customer for the subscription, all associated Add-Ons that the customer selected are also billed in a single, aggregate charge. Subscription Add-Ons are not supported in Popup Storefronts. 

Subscription Add-Ons are similar to Product Options, with 2 key differences:

  • There is no Alternative option because Subscription Add-Ons are designed to supplement a subscription
  • Subscription Add-Ons are billed as part of the primary subscription product

When configuring Subscription Add-Ons, you can select Single-Choice Add-On or Multiple-Choice Add-On. With Single-Choice Add-Ons, you can display multiple Add-Ons, however customers can only select one to go with their subscription. If you configure a Multiple-Choice Add-On, customers can include as many Add-Ons as they would like in their Subscription. 


You configure a monthly subscription with a price of $9.95 per month to offer an Add-On, which would otherwise be a single-purchase product for $4.95. If a customer selects the Add-On, the subtotal will automatically update for each month. For the subscription and the Add-On, the customer will pay $14.90 per month (plus tax). 

Create Subscription Add-on

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to the Subscription for which you want to create an Add-On. 
  2. In the Related Offers & Add-Ons section, click Add New > Add Subscription Addons. A popup appears.
  3. Select Single choice add-on or Multiple choice add-on. You can configure multiple products for each option, however customers can only select one Add-On for Single Choice. 
  4. Select or deselect the Require Selection and Inherit Quantity options:
    • Require Selection – Requires consumers to select a product option in order to proceed with their purchase. The order subtotal will increase unless the selected option is free.
    • Inherit Quality – Applies the same quantity as the subscription to the selected Add-Ons. Customers can adjust the quantity. 
  5. Enter an optional Display title. If you are configuring multiple Add-Ons, select a position in the Placement drop-down. 
  6. In the Products field, begin typing the Product’s name, and select it from the suggested list.
  7.  Save your Add-On.

After the Add-On is created, it will appear in the Related Offers & Add-Ons section of the product’s details page. Click Edit to make changes to the Add-On; these changes will only apply to future purchases.