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Subscription Add-Ons


Configure Subscription Add-Ons to upsell or group multiple products with a single, recurring billing amount.

Subscription Add-Ons allow you to bind non-subscription products to a subscription product. Use the Store Builder Library to display Subscription Add-Ons in your Web Storefront. The Popup Storefront does not support Subscription Add-Ons.

Subscription Add-Ons are similar to Product Options, with two key differences:

  • There is no Alternative option because Subscription Add-Ons are designed to supplement a subscription
  • Subscription Add-Ons are billed as part of the primary subscription product

When your consumer selects a given subscription, you can suggest other non-subscription products within your Web Storefront. Then, any Add-On selected by the consumer becomes part of the resulting subscription. Each time FastSpring bills the consumer for the subscription, all associated Add-Ons that the consumer selected during the initial transaction are also billed in a single aggregate charge.


You configure Example Monthly Subscription with a price of $9.95 per month to offer a subscription add-on called Example Addon, which would otherwise be a standalone product costing $4.95.

If the consumer selects the Subscription Add-On then the Subtotal automatically updates accordingly. Rather than $9.95 per month, the consumer will be billed $14.90 per month.

Create Subscription Add-on

  1. Navigate to the Subscription for which you want to create an Add-On.
    • A Popup may ask you to choose a Tax Category for the subscription. See Product Tax Categories for more details.
  2. Scroll down to the Related Offers & Add-Ons section and click Add New > Add Subscription Addons.
  3. In the Add Subscription Add-ons window, choose between Single choice add-on or Multiple choice add-on and either select or deselect the options for Require Selection and Inherit Quantity.
    • Require Selection - Requires purchasers to select a product option in order to proceed. The order subtotal will increase unless the selected option is free.
    • Inherit Quality - Gives the selected product option the same quantity as the primary product, however purchasers still have the option to adjust the quantity of either item.  
  4. Enter an optional Display title and select an option from the Placement drop-down.
  5. In the Products field, begin typing the Product’s name, and select it from the suggested list.
  6. Click Save.

Future Changes

Any Subscription Add-On will appear in the Related Offers & Add-Ons section with an Edit button to make any changes. To remove a Subscription Add-On, click the Edit button and select Delete > OK.

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