Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: These FAQs are for clients selling (or interested in selling!) digital goods via FastSpring.
If you bought something on the FastSpring platform and have questions, check out our FAQs for Buyers


Do you provide support for customers of my store?
Can I use FastSpring to provide in-app purchases?
What optimization and conversion tools do you offer?
How do I manage customer relationships and rights?
How do I get paid when I sell something?
Do you fulfill purchases?
Do you offer support for developers?
What kind of cart/checkout customization/configuration does FastSpring allow?
Do you offer international customer tax collection and management?
What languages and currencies do you support?
What payment methods and security does FastSpring offer?
Subscription Management and Recurring Billing

Account Setup

Is there a file size limit on files you host?
How quickly can I go live once I sign up?
How do I setup Google Analytics to work with FastSpring?
Can I add checkboxes for purchasing additional items like support contracts or lifetime upgrades per product onto the FastSpring order page?
Can I fully customize my store layout or does FastSpring have to?
How do I track online ad campaigns, distribution partners, and affiliates through FastSpring?
What types of content, products and services are off-limit for sales through FastSpring?


What is the uptime percentage of your servers?
Does FastSpring provide phone support for customers?
Do FastSpring customers have a way of looking up their orders online?
How much does the FastSpring service cost?
What makes FastSpring’s customer service different?


Is there a fee for being paid by wire as a vendor?
How are refunds handled?
What options do I have for the method of payment as a vendor?
How much do I have to generate in order volume through FastSpring before I can get paid?
How often will I be paid as a vendor?
How do I get set up to be paid as a vendor?
Do you offer in-product purchasing options?
Are there fees to receive payments through PayPal?


Can I determine the content of the email message customers received after they place an order?
How does the Purchase Order process work?
Where can I learn more about purchasing through FastSpring?
How do you handle product downloads and file hosting?
How does the customer order approval process work?
Do you handle VAT for EU purchases?
What currencies can my customers pay with?
Can end customers add bundle products to their cart? For example, buy 5 products in one order by only adding one item to the shopping cart.
Do you offer automated recurring or subscription-based billing?
Can I get paid as a vendor by FastSpring via PayPal without PayPal charging me a fee?


How does the FastSpring fraud system work?
Is FastSpring PCI compliant?
Does FastSpring store customer credit card numbers on FastSpring servers?
How does your fraud tracking work?


When doing the remote servers licensing option, in what format is the customer detail sent to my server and what details are sent to me as the vendor?
If I do retrieve a license from a remote server and my server is down for some reason, is there a way to resend the order number to my server at a later time so I can get all the customer data to my end?
Does FastSpring have a Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution?

Affiliate Setup

Who do I contact with questions about fees FastSpring assesses for use of the Affiliate system?
Is there a setup fee?
What are special terms?
How do I know what commission to provide affiliates?
How do I set up an Insertion Order?
What is an Insertion Order?

Affiliate Support

Who can help me place the pixel tracking code onto my FastSpring store page?
Who do I contact for support on Impact Radius?

Affiliate Payments

What is the cost of using the affiliate system?
Can affiliates be paid different commission amounts?
Do I have to pay my affiliates or does FastSpring handle payment to affiliates?
How often are affiliates paid?
How are affiliate or media partner payments handled?

Affiliate Reporting

Can I specify or exclude some of my products from being available for affiliate commission?
How are returns/refunds handled in the FastSpring Affiliate Marketing system?
Can I see affiliate sales in my FastSpring reports?

Affiliate Partners

Can I list my products in Impact Radius’s Marketplace?
Can I invite specific partners to become an affiliate?