FastSpring’s 2019 Ecommerce Growth Package

Robirt Kong
Robirt Kong
June 11th, 2019
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Can you believe it’s already June and that we’re already halfway through the year? As we approach the warmer summer months, it’s especially important that your company carries all the momentum you’ve worked hard to build into the second half of the year.

To help you accomplish this, we’re sharing a short list of helpful ebooks, webinars, podcasts, books, and blog posts to help you kick off your growth plan for 2019.

Checkout out our curated list of growth-centric resources below!

Ways to improve ecommerce conversion rates

Webinar: 7 Ways to Use Video to Increase Conversion Rates – FastSpring

Today’s shoppers have learned to be highly selective of what they give their attention to. Cutting through the noise is now less dependent on your ability to bombard prospects with more information and more about creating messaging that your customers naturally want to engage with. In this joint webinar with TechSmith, a global leader in screen capture software, we’re showcasing why you should consider using video to create more engaging content and improve the conversion rate on your site.

Podcast: Ecommerce Conversations by Practical Ecommerce

You may already be familiar with Practical Ecommerce, one of the leading sites for ecommerce tips and news. But are you aware of their podcast Ecommerce Conversations? Each month Practical Ecommerce features entrepreneurs and industry practitioners for their insights and experiences, both good and bad.

Post topics include marketing, branding, analytics, various ecommerce platforms, and conversion optimization tips.

Increasing organic visibility with Search Engine Optimization

Podcast: Voices of Search by Searchmetrics

When leveraged correctly, search engine optimization (SEO) can be an effective way to organically grow the visibility of your brand online. Unlike display advertising, which requires a significant paid investment, creating content that is SEO optimized can easily land your page at the top of Google’s search engine result pages and generate more clicks for your company for free.

Featuring Searchmetrics’ CEO, Jordan Koene, Voices of Search provides the latest news and insights your company needs to navigate the ever-changing landscape of SEO and Content Marketing.

Blog: 10 SEO Tips for Driving More Traffic to Your Ecommerce Website – FastSpring

We’re sharing ten smart ecommerce SEO tips that you can start implementing to help you increase your organic presence. But the benefits aren’t just limited to SEO. The content and technical SEO strategies outlined in this post will also help promote better UX on your site and encourage more visitors to stay on your page.

How to reduce customer churn

Blog: 8 Ways to Attract More Loyal Customers – FastSpring
You’ve probably heard the statistic that acquiring a new customer can cost 5x more than retaining an existing one. If you’re looking to scale your business, making sure that you have a loyal customer base will be paramount to your success. Check out our eight tips for fostering customer loyalty.

Blog: Why The Subscription Model Is The Future And How To Make The Switch – FastSpring
The way customers purchase digital products and software is changing. As more users switch from ownership to subscription services, your company must also be ready to adapt to this changing trend. Since subscription models naturally focus on cultivating long-lasting relationships with customers, you can expect to see a decrease in customer churn.

Maximizing your revenue potential with global sales

White paper: 7 Ways to Increase Global Sales for Digital Products – FastSpring
In the latest FastSpring white paper, we’re breaking down the secret to building a seamless shopping experience directly on your website. We’ll also cover the importance of keeping up with global regulations like GDPR for scaling your business worldwide.

Blog: Why Ecommerce Personalization is the Key to Expanding Your Business – FastSpring
We all know how essential having a frictionless checkout experience can be for ecommerce. Overly complication the checkout process with multiple steps or causing customers to hesitate during the overall checkout flow can negatively impact your sales potential. Learn how you can boost global sales by localizing pricing and accepting multiple payment methods on your site.


We hope you’ve found these resources helpful as you go about planning the rest of your 2019! Happy Converting!

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