Why You Need An Ecommerce Platform To Break Free From The App Store

Hannah Juley
Hannah Juley
February 26th, 2020
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It’s time to sell your app, but you’re debating whether you should distribute it with the App Store or not. The App Store store might seem to be the obvious choice, but you know you’ll make more selling it yourself, and you can customize your marketing to be sure that you reach the audience for whom you’ve specifically designed the app.

The one advantage of the App Store is that they do a lot of the heavy lifting—they ensure that the app is delivered to the customer after the customer pays. That might sound like a complicated process, but in actuality, it isn’t all that difficult when you adopt a full-service ecommerce platform. Let’s discuss the different ways that an ecommerce platform like FastSpring can help your business break free from the App Store.

Easily Offer Multiple Global Payment Methods

If the thought of sifting through the payments from your customers gives you anxiety, fear not. Your ecommerce platform can handle domestic currency as well as currencies from nations around the world. If you’re concerned that the process will be time-consuming, don’t worry; it only takes a few minutes to set up your product within your platform. Before you know it, you’ll be selling your app to appreciative audiences around the world.

As you head into the global market, ensuring your currencies are localized is a must. With an ecommerce partner like FastSpring, your product will automatically have localized pricing, which caters to your demographic regardless of where they are in the world. Whether it’s handling payments or localizing currencies rest assured an ecommerce partner can serve the same functionality as the App Store.

Effortlessly Manage Ever changing Global Taxes

With how often the regulations surrounding taxation on digital products are changing, it’s essential to be prepared. While taxes may seem daunting to try and understand, with an ecommerce partner you won’t be on your own. A partner such as FastSpring takes care of taxes for you so that you can have peace of mind regardless of how many times the regulations change. Giving you the freedom to sell outside of the App Store without the fear of being non-compliant.

Deliver Value Instantly with Automated Order Fulfillment

It might seem like a big job, fulfilling all of the orders that you hope will pour in once you release your app into the world. That’s where it pays to get a fantastic ecommerce platform. Your platform can ensure that your app is up and ready to go as soon as an order is placed, ensuring that your customer will get everything they need swiftly and efficiently, without any unnecessary lag time.

Simplify Licensing and Digital Rights Management

One potentially terrifying part of selling your app on your own is ensuring that your app isn’t pirated. While this process might sound intimidating, an effective ecommerce platform will help you integrate purchasing the licensure within the app. You won’t need to send it to your customers manually, but instead, once they make the leap from the free version to the paid version, the license can be purchased within the app, meaning that customers won’t have to visit your website to obtain the license. This is a great way to ensure that more customers convert from the free app to the paid app—convenience is a huge factor!

Basically, an ecommerce platform can be your best friend when you set out to sell an app independent of the App Store. If you’re interested in learning more about the process of selling an app, check out How Developers Can Sell Their App Outside the App Store.

Hannah Juley

Hannah Juley

Hannah is a recent graduate from UC-Santa Barbara. Her prior experience in marketing lead her to the FastSpring Marketing Coordinator role. Hannah assists with content, social media and department expenses. Outside of work, you can find her at the beach either playing volleyball or reading a book.

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