“FastSpring impressed me from the very beginning with their commitment to showing me how I can drive more sales from my website.”

Eduard Metzger, Founder

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NotePlan and FastSpring: A Case Study

NotePlan scaled its business beyond the app store to drive significant revenue from their website when they partnered with FastSpring.

After the successful launch of the NotePlan app and expanding to two channels driving consistent revenue, the team has enough financial backing in order to focus on working with their loyal user base to add features, enhancements, and other improvements.

With FastSpring as their trusted full-service ecommerce partner, the NotePlan team can focus on what they do best—building great productivity software.

“We used Paddle before and the conversion was poor. Since we partnered with FastSpring, the website sales at least doubled.”

The Company

NotePlan is a productivity software app that helps users manage their calendars, to-do lists, and notes in one place.

Founded in 2016 by Eduard Metzger, NotePlan began as a side project to build a new kind of productivity app that combines calendar functionality with notes and to-do lists in a clean, modern interface. From there, the app took off garnering attention from the App Store where they were listed as a featured app. The feature on the App Store boosted sales and provided the financial backing the team needed to turn the side project into a full-time endeavor.

NotePlan has grown to two full-time employees, Eduard and veteran App Store Editor, Matt Monday. The team is split between Germany and the United States while focusing on delivering the NotePlan app to users around the world with the help of their growing user community.

The Challenge

As the team was building the latest version of the NotePlan app, they realized they needed an additional revenue channel beyond the App Store.

After the initial success from the App Store, the team realized they wanted to focus on building new features for their NotePlan app while maintaining a steady revenue stream. The limitations of the App Store made it challenging for them to see the growth they needed while they devote their time and resources on app development.

“It was great to be featured on the App Store because it drove great results for us, but we can’t count on that kind of boost. So we needed to look for new ways to drive sales.”

The next step for the team was to turn to their website as a revenue-driving channel. With their limited resources, they quickly realized they needed a full-service ecommerce platform to build and maintain their online store while they focus on their app.

The Solution

The NotePlan team saw immediate results from the localization features and flexible API of FastSpring’s full-service ecommerce platform.

After trying out other ecommerce platforms, the NotePlan team was impressed by FastSpring’s full-service ecommerce solution.

“I was working with another ecommerce platform called Paddle but it didn’t have some of the key functionality that I needed. I received a personalized video from FastSpring that clearly showed me how I could improve my website to drive more sales, and it immediately caught my interest.” 

After watching the video. The NotePlan team was able to set up their new online store easily and quickly thanks to FastSpring. Ultimately, they partnered with FastSpring for a variety of reasons including:

  • The localization features that enabled them to show prices in multiple currencies for their global community of app users.
  • The ability to set up a modern, popup checkout on their website with the flexibility and ease-of-use of the FastSpring API.
  • The coupon set up helped them make specialized coupons like a student discount that can be automatically applied when they share a unique URL for their store.
  • FastSpring’s’ commitment to helping customers succeed in the global software app marketplace.

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