ShortPoint and FastSpring: A Case Study

In just four years, ShortPoint grew from making thousands of dollars in revenue per year to millions using FastSpring’s full-service ecommerce platform.

Key Result

10x increase in revenue


Productivity Software


Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Company

ShortPoint is an Intranet Design Software that helps businesses create beautiful and engaging intranet sites.

Since 2015, Shortpoint’s mission is to help teams build beautiful and functional intranets without coding and directly from existing content systems like Office 365, SharePoint, and SAP Portal. In just a few short years, ShortPoint software was used to build over 20,000 intranet sites, worked with more than 50 global partners, and experienced 350% yearly growth.

Based in Michigan, with offices in Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates, ShortPoint’s focus is on delivering world-class intranet design software to teams around the world.

“After partnering with FastSpring, the companies who we considered to be our competitors now see us as the competition.”

Ashley Gordanier, Sales Operations Lead

The Challenge

When ShortPoint started experiencing fast growth from all over the world, they quickly realized the limitations of having only one bank account based in the UAE where everything started.

Shortly after launching their intranet design software offering, the ShortPoint team struggled to accept payments from global customers. At the time, they did not have a business presence in the United States—no employees or bank accounts. They were unable to accept wire transfers or credit cards with their existing ecommerce setup. The team quickly realized the value of having an ecommerce solution that could help them unlock more sales from around the world.

The Solution

The ShortPoint team realized that partnering with a full-service ecommerce solution would offer greater value for their business.

A significant part of ShortPoint’s value for businesses is their ability to help build intranet sites without requiring a lot of time or resources. The team initially set out to find a series of point solutions to support their growing ecommerce needs. However, they realized the point solutions don’t save the business time or money in the long run. As a rapidly growing company, they realized they needed a full-service ecommerce platform that could help them get up and running quickly with minimal effort. Time is of the essence, so they could immediately start competing in the global software marketplace.

“We explored point solutions to save costs, but when we dug deeper and started dissecting the resource allocation that would be required and the limited functionality of those solutions, we realized it would be too complex, and there wouldn’t be any actual savings in the end.”

After comparing FastSpring to other point solutions, ShortPoint chose to partner with FastSpring. ShortPoint made this decision for a variety of reasons including:

The Results

ShortPoint has experienced a significant amount of growth in the four years since partnering with FastSpring. They expanded their offices outside of the United Arab Emirates to include a technical team in Ukraine, and an office in Michigan.

Global expansion was top of mind for the ShortPoint team, and by partnering with FastSpring, they were able to deliver a world-class ecommerce experience worldwide. By expanding the number of payment methods available in their checkout, they were able to see an immediate increase in conversions from their online store. They attribute their global success to the ability to support localized checkout experiences, support custom orders, and automate ecommerce processes—while maintaining a lean team.

The simplicity of the FastSpring platform allows the team to get their online store up and running quickly and efficiently. So they can focus on what they do best—building beautiful intranet sites for companies around the world.

“For a company of our size with the growth we have today, there’s simply no way we could handle everything FastSpring does for us on our own. When you break down the value of FastSpring in terms of saved time and resources—it just makes sense.”

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