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Search for Interactive Quotes

At the top of the FastSpring Interactive Quotes page, use the search bar to find a quote. Type in a word or phrase to find the corresponding quote. If you type a phrase, surround it with quotation marks. When you search for a quote, the following data is searched:

  • Contact Name
  • Contact email
  • Company
  • Quote Signers & Acceptors
  • Tags
  • Status
  • Owner

Search by Tags

See Add a Tag to Your Interactive Quote for more information.

  1. From the FastSpring Interactive Quotes homepage, click Add Filter.
  2. Select one or more Tags that are on the quote to enhance search results.
  3. Select your Interactive Quote.


Search by Quick Filters

With Quick Filters, you can save a specific search consisting of Tags. This can help you find quotes faster. Additionally, you can set Quick Filters to Private, in which case only you can use it. Public filters are available to all Team Members.

Add a Quick Filter

You can add a Quick Filter to your search in the following pages: All Quotes, Active Quotes, My Quotes, Archived Quotes, and Filter. This filter will automatically apply to your next search.

  1. Below the search field, select Add Filter.
  2. Highlight the field you want to filter by and select the checkmark to include that filter or theicon to exclude it.
  3. Optionally, repeat steps 1 and 2 for the Owner, Tag, Status, and Attributes of the quote(s).
  4. After you have added the desired filters, click Save Quick Filter to save this for future searches. A popup appears.
  5. Add a Name to your filter. You can click the toggle to make it private (only you can see and use it).
  6. Click Save.

After you create a Quick Filter, it will appear on the left menu, under Interactive Quotes.

Edit or Delete a Quick Filter

After you have created one or more filters, a Filter page appears in the left menu, under Interactive Quotes.

  1. From the left menu of the Interactive Quotes site, select Interactive Quotes > Filter.
  2. Click the pencil icon at the top of the page. A popup appears.
  3. In the Update Quick Filter popup, adjust the name and privacy of the filter, or delete it. If you delete this filter, you will be prompted to confirm the deletion.
  4. Click Save to save your changes.