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Subscriptions Overview

When you configure a subscription, FastSpring automatically charges consumers in timely intervals of your choice for the software or service. Each interval starts from the date that the customer purchases the subscription. For monthly renewal subscriptions that are purchased on the 30th or 31st of a month, consumers are rebilled on the 28th of February (or the 29th if it is a leap year). From then on, the rebills take place on the 28th or 29th of each month. You can configure payment reminder notifications so that this does not surprise your customers.

When you create a Subscription, it contains a subscription definition, which includes:

  • Frequency of charges
  • Payment amount
  • Duration of the payment 

After the subscription is created, you can configure additional settings, such as Free Trial Periods, Set-Up Fees, Advanced Subscription Scheduling, and Fulfillments.

By default, subscriptions are configured to have automatic renewals. All subscriptions with automatic renewals require payment information, at the time of sign-up. This way, FastSpring can automatically charge the customer for future payments. Because of this, wire transfers and invoices are not acceptable payment methods, unless it is a Manual Renewal Subscription.

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