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FastSpring Release Notes


The latest features and improvements for FastSpring's Contextual Commerce Stores

Improvements - June 25, 2020

  • Invoice Refresh - We updated the look and feel of our invoices to provide a simple and modern buyer experience. Improvements include:
    • More intuitive layout 
    • New font styling 
    • Clear “Pay Now” button on unpaid invoices
    • New download button to easily turn an invoice into a PDF
  • Added new filters that allow sellers to view successful, failed, or all webhook events for a given webhook endpoint.
  • Minor UI updates to the subscription detail page to make updating and canceling subscriptions more visible to the user.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some event timestamps on the Activity pages (orders and subscriptions) to be inaccurate.
  • Fixed a bug that caused subscription payment reminder email notifications to send after a subscription is canceled.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the License Search feature on the Re-seller portal to unreliable return results.
  • Fixed a bug that caused price decoration to be applied to non-US USD subscriptions when updated via the API.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented custom orders from being edited after using the search feature.

Improvements - May 26, 2020

  • We've made updates to our navigation bar to improve overall usability - particularly for mobile. The left-hand menu is now collapsable and has improved spacing and margins making it easier to use.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing some inaccuracies when using our “price decoration” feature (ie rounding pricing after converting the currency).
  • Fixed a bug on the Activity page that caused special characters to not display correctly.
  • Fixed a bug for re-seller stores that was causing the Reference Number value to not save upon new order creation.
  • When a buyer cancels an overdue subscription we now deactivate the subscription immediately and prevent dunning recharge attempts.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an intermittent "Unexpected Error" to occur on the Web Storefront for buyers in certain countries.

Improvements - May 12, 2020

The new user interface is here! Make sure to bookmark the new URL, for quick access. The robust capabilities of the platform are now more intuitive, making you more productive and efficient. For a full list of the changes made, please visit this Knowledge Article. Some highlights include:

  • New vertical left-hand navigation bar for quick access, platform navigation, and improved mobile responsiveness
  • Updated product catalog layout to streamline workflows and navigation across multiple products
  • Updated pages for Activities, Order Details, and Subscription Overview
  • Ability to switch between seller stores more quickly

  • Added functionality that provides subscription billing token flexibility by improving our ability to move tokens from one processor to another.
  • Added Arabic translations to the Web and Popup Storefronts so that Arabic speaking buyers can checkout and receive buyer-facing communications in their native language.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some Alipay orders to be displayed in the platform with an outdated due date.
  • Fixed an issue that caused multiple orders to be created in our system for each successful Alipay purchase, leading to an abundance of canceled orders displayed in the platform.

Improvements - April 28, 2020

  • Introducing Responsive Design for the Popup Cart! If you use the Popup Cart, you can now enable the new "Responsive View" in Storefront Settings. When enabled, the Popup Cart display automatically adapts to the size of the viewing screen. The responsive view makes better use of screen space and delivers a better user experience overall. Note that this feature is in beta, so we are still ironing out some details and would love your feedback.

  • When attempting to prorate an adjustment to a subscription instance for a VAT or GST exempt buyer, the adjustment would incorrectly result in a $0 charge. This has been resolved.
  • When Purchase Orders are configured to require approval and you approve a PO, the buyer was previously sent two redundant emails: "Pending Approval Approved" (an automated plain text message) and "Payment Required" (configurable in Customer Notifications). We removed the "Pending Approval Approved" email to improve the buyer experience. 
  • A canceled subscription (either by you or your customer) with a deactivation set for the next billing date would, in some cases, deactivate several hours before the end of the billing period. For example, a canceled subscription with a seven-day trial period would deactivate on the sixth day. This had been corrected.
  • Previously, when passing customer information via Store Builder Library's secure payload for a US buyer, the buyer could not complete checkout with wire transfer unless the postal code was included in the secure payload. This has been corrected. 

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