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Add a Custom Field to an Order Notification

You can add a survey or other custom field to your FastSpring store and receive that information in an Order Completed Notification or an Order Completed (one per product) Notification.

Custom Fields Setup

Go to SpringBoard's Store Home » Custom Fields. Click Create Custom Field Configuration. 


Enter in a name for management purposes, and click Next. Enter in a Display name, such as Survey. Click Add Form Field. 


2.pngFor our survey example, choose Textbox as the Input Type. In the Name field, enter in an Internal name, which is not visible to customers, but is used for reports, exports and notifications.  Important: Later in this article, you will need to replace <key> with this field, so make note of what you have entered.

Enter in your survey question under Question Text. Leaving the Question Description blank will allow customers to enter in their own responses. Click Add. Then click Save.

On the last page of your FastSpring store order form above the Complete Order button, you will now see the Survey you have set up.






To create a multiple question survey, simply add additional Form Fields in the process above. You can then change the order of the survey questions by clicking and dragging the up/down arrows, shown below.


Automated Notification Setup - Single Custom Field

In the Order Completed Notification or the Order Completed (one per product) Notification, enter #{order.surveyFieldValues.<key>} , but replace <key> with what you entered in the Name field above.

In our example, we would replace <key> with heard_about_us and would put #{order.surveyFieldValues.heard_about_us} in the notification.

Automated Notification Setup - Multiple Custom Fields

To display multiple custom fields in a remote POST Order Completed Notification or Order Completed (one per product) Notification, each key is set up as a different Form Field, with the variables as follows:


An additional way to display multiple custom fields, which can be used in an order completed email notification, order completed (one per product) email notification, email fulfillment, or remote POST xml notification, is as follows:

<repeat value="#{order.surveyFields}" var="surveyField">

When you go to Notify and select Add next to Custom Notifications, you can choose Email or HTTP URL as the Destination. To include custom values in an Email Notification, after you edit the Contents, Save the notification and move it to Active Status, click Notify. 


Click Edit next to Default Setttings. Uncheck the checkbox next to Enable Default Order Email. Click Save.


For a complete Custom Email notification template, including survey fields, refer to the article Name / Value Pair Example Format.