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Product Configuration

Product Tax Category

Starting in October 2020, Product configuration in the FastSpring App includes a dialog to select the best tax category for your product.

Contextual Platform Seller: If you are using the Contextual version of the FastSpring platform, see Contextual instructions for Product Tax Category configuration.

If none of the options match your product, look for the best matching tax category for your product and submit it to FastSpring Support. To set the same Product Tax Category for many products, follow the steps below and select the optional checkbox described in step #6.

  1. Log in to FastSpring platform ( and click into a store.
  2. Under Products and Settings, click Products and Pages.
  3. Click a product.
  4. At the top of the page, click Specify a Product Tax Category.
    • If a Product Tax Category is already configured, look for Product Tax Category followed by a link that shows a tax code. Click the link.
  5. In the Product Tax Category dialog, choose the most appropriate selection from the options:
    • Application Software License or SaaS
    • Cyber Security
    • Games
    • Publication Subscription
    • Cloud Data Storage
    • Digital Streaming
    • Physical Goods
    • Tech Support Maintenance
  6. Depending on your first selection, you will have different additional options to choose from. Select the best options from the choices until you see a Tax Code displayed. Optionally, select the Save as default product tax category checkbox to apply the same code as default for all other products. You can still set a unique Product Tax Category on a product that should be different from the code you set as default.
  7. Click Save.

Add Products

To add individual products, go to SpringBoard's Store Home » Products and Pages. Click Create Product from the right side of the page.


You will want to set up each of your products in SpringBoard with descriptive names. These detailed names should include your company's branding or website name and the name of the product. For example, a product could be called "Test Company Font Maker 4.0" or "Font Maker 4.0 Corporate License." A poor product name would be "Corporate License" or "Upgrade." Detailed product names reduce the number of chargebacks your store will receive if customers order your product but later do not recognize the product name.


Then choose in which format this product will be offered to the customer. The following formats are presented as radio buttons (1 selection only):

  • Digital Product / Service
  • Digital Product / Service, and Shipment
  • Physical Shipment

    This is generally used for backup CDs/DVDs but can be used for products solely available on CD/DVD. We suggest, however, that if you plan to use Acutrack or CustomCD for your physical fulfillment, that you set up physical shipment by adding a shipping fulfillment action on your product.
  • Related Service Offering

    Related service offerings are sometimes used for offering customer support associated with a product or products. For example, more expensive B2B products might offer a support contract.

Adding Prices


Next, you will enter in the price for your product.  You must set a USD price for all products. Clicking on the + sign, will allow you to enter in prices in country currencies other than USD. For more information about enabling international currencies, see Currency Settings. SpringBoard offers a currency calculator for setting forgeign currency amounts, showing real time exchange rates and +5% and +10% calculations for each. This can be accessed via the small calculator icon.


Adding Descriptions

You will then enter in a short, but detailed description of your product. This description will be displayed during the checkout process. HTML code is allowed. For more information, see Formatting Product Descriptions. You should also click Choose File to select an image for your product. This might be a box shot of your product or a product icon. For best results, product images should not exceed 300 x 300 pixels.


Once you have completed these steps, click Create. 

Adding Fulfillment Actions

After you have added an individual product, you will want to add the Fulfillment Actions that will be triggered when customers order your product. Fulfillment actions include delivery of customized emails, file downloads, licenses, and shipping, as needed. For more information, see Adding Fulfillment Actions.

Active Status

After your product is set up and tested, it needs to be moved from Test to Active status in order to be accessible to your customers. Go to SpringBoard's Store Home » Products and Pages and select your product. Click on Move to Active Status in the right column, which will make your product become available in your public store.

Edit Your Products

At any time, you can make changes to a product's details. Simply go to SpringBoard's Store Home » Products and Pages. Select the product you wish to change and click to Edit the General or Description and Image information. You can also change the product's price by clicking on Prices and selecting the price you wish to change. Make sure to click Save after making changes.