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Pay What You Want Pricing Option

This article will teach you how to create a "pay what you want" or "name your own price" pricing option for your product. This option is used when you wish to allow your customers to set their own purchase price for your product. Please note that there must be at least one preset choice in addition to the custom amount field, but you can have more than one pre-defined price point. The custom amount minimum accepted, which cannot be changed, is $1. Here are two examples of the Pay What You Want Pricing option. Note: This option is not available with our digital only or condensed, single-page order forms.

       donations3.png     156.png

Pay What You Want Pricing Setup


Step 1: Adding the Pay What You Want Pricing Product

The first thing you must do is add your product (the one for which you want to create Pay What You Want pricing, and which will be referred to as the original product). Go to SpringBoard's Store Home » Products and Pages » Create  Product. Enter in the name of the product and set the display price to $0.00. Click Create.

Then click Edit next to General.

Change the Quantity Handling to One Unit Only, and click Save. This will hide the Quantity Box during the order process. Click Save.




Step 2: Adding the Pricing Options as Products

Go to SpringBoard's Store Home » Products and Pages » Create Product.  You must also create a product for each pricing value (i.e. a product for $10, a product for $5, etc.) you wish to offer.

For these products, the Display should be what you want displayed next to the radio button (e.g. Option 1), the price should be set to a specific value (e.g. $10.00), and there should be no Partial URL Path Name (you will need to delete anything in that field), description or image. Click Create. Move each product for pricing value to Active Status.

Step 3: Adding the Pricing Options to your Original Product

Once you have created your original product and a product for each pricing value, select your original product by going to SpringBoard's Store Home » Products and Pages. Click Configuration Options.


In the Display field, enter some placeholder text. This will be deleted in the next step, so it isn't too important what you enter.  Click Next.

Click Delete on the newly created entry.


Once the entry has been deleted, click Add Group.


Enter in the Display name (e.g. Suggested Prices, Name Your Own Price, etc.) that will appear above the pricing options. Under Selection Type, choose Customer Specified Value (Donation). The check box under Selection Required should be checked. Click Create. Then click Edit.

804.png 696.png

In the Selections Settings tab, in the field under Optional / Unselected Display, enter in the words (e.g. Other Amount, Your Price, etc.) you want displayed on the order page to the right of a radio button and to the left of where customers will enter their own price, as shown toward the end of this article. Next, click on the Display tab. Select Yes for the Force Display. Click the X to close.


Click Add Choice.


Under Existing Product, select one of your products (e.g. Option 1) that is a pricing value option for your pay what you want product. Click Create. Repeat this step with the other products that are pricing value options for your pay what you want product. You can change the displayed ordering of these choices by dragging the file cabinet icon next to each item up or down. When you have created all of your choices, and are happy with the display order, click Save.


An example of what a customer will see during the order process is displayed below.


Note: Since you have set up pricing options as products, you want to make sure that the link from your website is to your original product, rather than the products that are just prices.

Increasing the $1 Minimum Price

Although the custom amount minimum accepted is $1 and cannot be changed, there are two ways to increase the minimum price of your product using other SpringBoard features. For more information, see our article Increasing the Minimum Price on Pay What You Want Pricing Option.

We're Here to Help

If you need assistance setting up pay what you want pricing, please open a support ticket.