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Translating Custom Fields

If you commonly have customers in countries that speak languages other than English, you might want to customize your custom fields to display in other languages. Using information from our Geo-location service, which detects a customer's IP location, the language is automatically set when a customer places an order, and is set to the two letter language ISO 639-1 code. To accomplish translations in your custom fields, you can include template code logic in the custom field's Display name, Question Text and/or Question Description. 

Using Template Code Logic for Translations

To translate your custom fields use logic inline with the text of the custom field. In the Display name, Question Text or Question Description fields, use the following code where ?? and xx are replaced with the two letter language ISO 639-1 code and where you put in the translated versions, as well as the default text, for your custom field.

<en>Custom field description.</en> 
<fr>Description du champ personnalisé.</fr> 
<??>Text translated into other language of ??.</??>
<xx>Text translated into other language of xx.</xx>

For example, the following code will translate from English to German or Spanish, when appropriate. Note: The first language will be the default language when another language cannot be found.

<en>How did you hear about us?</en>
<de>Wie haben Sie von uns gehört?</de> 
<es>Cómo se enteró de nosotros?</es>

We're Here to Help

If you need assistance with setting up translations in your custom fields, please open a support ticket.