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File Download Policy for Customers

The secure download links created for File fulfillment, which are sent to your customer in an Email Fulfillment, are limited by the number of download attempts and a time period for which they are valid. The default limits on download attempts and time are based on our experience in balancing support versus security for your digital products. If necessary, you can manually reset expired file download links for customers. The restrictions on download links are described below.

Download Link Restrictions

Number of Attempts

The number of attempts for which a download link is available for download is based upon the file size, and we are unable to modify these restrictions. The number of attempts, which ranges from four attempts to fourteen attempts, is limited by the file size. The larger the file, the more likely there may be download problems, and the more attempts a customer may need to complete the download. These limitations exist to prevent customers from improperly sharing their download links with others who have not purchased your product. When necessary, you can manually reset expired file download links for customers.

Link Expiration

By default, the download links will expire seven days after the link is sent in an Email Fulfillment, but we can extend this expiration time if you request it in a support ticket. There are two exceptions that change the default expiration time: when extended download service is purchased and when the Download Version Behavior for a File Fulfillment is set to Newest File Version. 

Extended Download Service

If you offer (and your customer purchases) a digital file backup, the download link is active for one year. 

Newest File Version for Download Behavior

If you want to offer free updates on a product, you can set the Download Version Behavior for your File Fulfillment to be Newest File Version. If customers have already downloaded a previous version of your product (and their download link expired due to reaching the maximum number of download attempts or to exceeding their allotted download days), their download link will now be automatically reset with a new time expiration and download attempt count, allowing them to download your updated file(s).

We're Here to Help

If you need assistance setting a custom download policy for your customers, please open a support ticket.