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Breakdown of your Payment

In order to see your total sales to FastSpring, which you might need for your accounting or taxes, go to the Account area. Then click on your Balance (in blue) and you will see Payments, which is the revenue from FastSpring for those transactions.

Monthly Summary

Once you are in the Account area and have clicked on your balance, for a quick summary of a particular month, click Create Data Export, select a month and year, and click Create.

Your Data Export will begin to process and the page will update every 20 seconds until the report is complete. You can then download the file (arrow pointing down icon), preview the file in your browser (the middle icon with two squares) or delete the file (the red x icon).

This report will give you a monthly breakdown of your sales for each product including the units sold, the sale price, in USD (Income), the fees paid to FastSpring for the sale (Expense) and the Amount credited to your account after fees. This report also includes returns/refunds and payments made to you from FastSpring.

Payment Breakdown

There is a two week lag in payment, so if you receive payments twice a month then a payment on April 1 would be for sales that occurred up to March 14; a payment on April 15 would be for sales that occurred from March 15 to 31. If you receive monthly payments, which occur on the 15th of the month, then the April 15 payment would be for sales that occurred March 1 - 31.

To get a breakdown of what makes up payments, you would also go to the Account section. When you click on your balance (in blue), you will see two types of rows listed:

  • Payments: Money we send you
  • Orders and Returns: Earnings to your account for a given week

Important Notes about the Orders and Returns entries:

  • If an Orders and Returns line is missing for a particular week, you did not have any sales or returns that week.
  • If an Orders and Returns line is negative for a particular week, you had more returns than sales that week.
  • Once a week, the most current Orders and Returns row disappears for about a day as we run the accounting, so do not be concerned if the most current row is missing.

To get the full details behind any payment, you would have to go look at each of the Orders and Returns rows that make up the payment. If you click into the row, some high level details are shown and there are two exports available.

Export Product Summary

This export provides the same information as the monthly summary, but for a specific week.

Export Line Item Detail

This export provides the same information as the Product Summary, but shows those same details on an order by order basis.

We're Here to Help

If you have any questions about your payment, please open a support ticket.