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Software Licensing and Analytics with Nalpeiron

The Nalpeiron Licensing & Analytics Service enables you to control your applications and understand your Customers' usage with flexible and easy to implement Software License Management. It offers both online and offline activation, usage analytics, analytics on trial conversions, sales cycles, and more. You can easily sign up for a free trial for Nalpeiron and integrate their service with FastSpring in just a few short minutes.


SpringBoard Setup

There is one configuration needed to set up Nalpeiron with FastSpring: a license Fulfillment Action, which will issue a license on a non-subscription product.

License Fulfillment Action Setup

Go to SpringBoard Store Home » Products and Pages. Select the product to which you want to add the Nalpeiron Service. Click to Add a Fulfillment Action. Select Generate a License and then choose Script (PHP or JavaScript) from the drop-down menu. Click Next.


Choose your desired settings for Output Format and License Name. For Script Type, select JavaScript from the drop-down menu. Click Create.

In the field below Script Source Code (JS), enter the following code, but replace YOUR NALPEIRON USERNAME, YOUR NALPEIRON PASSWORD, YOUR NALPEIRON CUSTOMER ID, NALPEIRON PRODUCT ID, NALPEIRON PRODUCT NAME with the information you have from Napeiron.

var auth = "<auth><username>YOUR NALPEIRON USERNAME</username><password>YOUR NALPEIRON PASSWORD</password><customerid>YOUR NALPEIRON CUSTOMER ID</customerid></auth>";

var data = "<data><productid>NALPEIRON PRODUCT ID</productid><amount>"+quantity+"</amount><profilename>NALPEIRON PRODUCT NAME</profilename></data>"

var response = httpPost("", {
"Auth": auth,
"Data": data
var xml = response.body;
var licenses = xml.match(">(.*)<")[0];
licenses = licenses.substring(1, licenses.length - 1);
licenses = licenses.split(",");
var output = "";
for(var i=0;i<licenses.length;i++){
output = output + licenses[i] + "\n";

Click Save.

Adding the License to your Email Fulfillment

If you have an email fulfillment set on the product, click to Edit it. If you do not have an email fulfillment set, click Add next to Fulfillment Action, select Send Email / Show Web Notification and click Next. To get Nalpeiron to generate a unique license code, add something similar to the following to the email fulfillment.

License Code: #{orderItem.fulfillment.license.licenses[0]}

More Advanced Options

There are many advanced integration options between Nalpeiron and FastSpring. For example, you can offer a free trial on your software, and when the free trial is over, get the license code from Nalpeiron and send the license code to the customer with the first re-bill. Please contact FastSpring Support if you are interested in any advance integration.

We're Here to Help

If you need assistance integrating Nalpeiron with FastSpring, please open a support ticket. You can also contact Nalpeiron support.