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Requiring Previous License Codes for Upgraded Versions of Products

When customers are trying to upgrade your product through your software application installed on their computer, you may want to know the customers' current license code, and use it to create a new license code. To accomplish this task, you must first understand how to use a custom referrer, which passes a value into the order process and then allows you to get it back at the end.


Go to SpringBoard's Store Home » Custom Fields. Click Create Custom Field Configuration. Enter in a name for management purposes, and click Next.


Enter in a Display name, if desired. In this case, we recommend leaving the Display name blank. 

Click Add Form Field. In the Name field, enter custom_referrer. Enter in the Question Text, which will be displayed on the order page above a field with the customer's current license key. You can leave the Question Description blank or you can further describe the field. Some companies may wish to assist customers in recognizing their license keys by giving an example in the Question Description, such as A3xxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx. Click Add.  Select the checkbox next to Required. Click Save.


On the last page of your FastSpring store order form above the Complete Order button, you will now see the field for Previous License Key you have set up. This will allow our system to capture the license code or, if our system cannot automatically detect it, allow the customer to enter in the license code.


Since the custom referrer is set up as a survey field, there is an opportunity to do validation with either Regex or remote.

License Fulfillments

The custom referrer can also be captured and used as referrer in License Fulfillments or passed in Notifications and HTTP POST. For more information, see our article How do I pass a value into the order process, and then get it at the end?