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License Management and Copy Protection with CryptoLicensing

FastSpring easy integrates with CryptoLicensing, whose secure licensing and protection software includes everything you need to safeguard your digital product, including unbreakable cryptographic licenses, hassle-free activation, and a hardware locking scheme.

SpringBoard Setup

Go to SpringBoard Store Home » Notify. Click Add next to Custom Notifications.

notify.png  403.png

Select Order Completed as the Event Type, because you will want to notify CryptoLicensing when an order occurs. Select HTTP URL as the Destination. The Live Server URL is based on the URL of the CryptoLicensing license generator. As an example, if you uploaded the CryptoLicensing license generator to your domain into a sub-folder called LicenseService, for the Live Server URL, you would enter Select Name/Value Parameters for the Content Type. Click Next. On the next page, enter in a name, such as CryptoLicensing Notification, that will be used for management purposes and leave everything else to their default settings. Click Move to Active Status.


CryptoLicensing Setup

Refer to the setup directions provided by CryptoLicensing

We're Here to Help

If you need assistance integrating CryptoLicensing with FastSpring, please open a support ticket. If you need assistance using CryptoLicensing, please watch their video tutorial or contact their support team.