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Manage User Access with aMember

This article will teach you how to integrate aMember, which can be used to restrict or allow user access to the content on your website, with FastSpring.


Go to and sign up for an account.

Once you have logged in to the aMember control panel, navigate to Configuration » Setup/Configuration. Click on the Plugins tab. Click on the drop-down list for Payment Plugins, select FastSpring and then click Save. If, for whatever reason, you cannot locate the plugin, you can download it using the link at the end of this article. Unzip it and upload the fastspring.php file to into the  /amember/application/default/plugins/payment folder.

In the aMember control panel, a new tab for FastSpring will now exist in Configuration » Setup/Configuration.


Follow the aMember instructions and go to Products » Manage Products. Once you have added a product, edit the product settings and, under Billing Plan, configure the FastSpring Product ID and FastSpring Product Name. Your FastSpring Product ID must match the ID from your FastSpring account and can be found by going to SpringBoard's Store Home » Products and Pages. Select your product and the ID is after the last slash under Store Page URL. For example, from the URL, the product ID is testcompanyfontmaker40. The FastSpring Product Name can be found at the top of the same page under Name and Display. Make sure to click Save.


Go the SpringBoard's Store Home » Notify. Click Add next to Custom Notifications. 


Choose Order Completed as the Event Type. Choose HTTP URL as the Destination.  Enter as the Live Server URL, but replace with the domain of your website. The Content Type should be Name/Value Parameters. Click Next.


Click on the HTTP Parameters tab. Click Add Parameter. A new parameter will appear at the top. In the Name field, replace FieldName with OrderTotal and in the Value field, replace FieldValue with #{}.


Then click on the Security Tab. Copy the Private Key.


In the aMember control panel, navigate to Configuration » Setup/Configuration » FastSpring. Enter in your FastSpring Company Name, which is your Company ID used to log in to SpringBoard. Paste the Private Security Key you just copied from the Security Tab of the Notification Rule in SpringBoard. Click Save.


Once you have integrated aMember with FastSpring, signup as a user using aMember's signup form and run a test order as a regular aMember client to make sure that the configuration is correct. 

We're Here to Help

If you need assistance integrating your aMember account with FastSpring, please open a support ticket. You can also contact aMember support.