FastSpring Makes Testing Easy

You can test the whole life cycle of a Subscription order in SpringBoard. Your test environment behaves exactly the same way as it will in your store.

Create a Subscription


You can either create a subscription from SpringBoard or from your external website or application. This step is required to test.

From SpringBoard

Go to Store Testing, open one of the test links, and order a subscription product (here Subscription ABC). See screenshot to the right.

From an External Website or Application

If you want to test subscription creation outside of SpringBoard you must add the parameter "mode=test" to the URL or POST. This puts the purchase process in test mode and allows you to enter your username and password as payment information.

The URL is inside the General area (top left) of your product details. Go to Product and Pages and select your subscription product.

Subscription Details


Go to Reports and open Recent Orders. Open the test order you created in Step 1.

In the list of ordered items you'll see a link View Subscription. The View Subscription link provides all details and actions for the subscription order.


Edit a Subscription


Upgrade / Downgrade

Edit (inside the Actions list) lets you change the product and simulate an upgrade or downgrade to another subscription product offered.

Change Quantity

Edit (inside the Actions list) lets you change the quantity and simulate an upgrade or downgrade.

Change End Date

Edit (inside the Action list) lets you also change the end date of a subscription. You can either set or remove an existing one. Removing an existing end date makes the subscription run indefinitely.

Cancel a Subscription


Cancel lets you stop a subscription immediately or schedule it to the end of this period (usual case).

The last one will simply change the end date to the day before the start of the next period. It's basically the same as editing the end date in step 3.




Simulate Failures & Successful Future Payments


Runing test is like a time-machine. It simulates the upcoming steps.

Simulate a failure (Simulate Failure checkbox) - you can cycle through each dunning step until it cancels itself.

Simulate without failure - you can cycle until the subscription ends (or infinitely if there is no end date set).