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Customers using Coupons with PayPal Orders

With the majority of our order pages, when customers choose PayPal as the payment method, the coupon field is not displayed until the very end of the checkout process. However, by adding a parameter to the end of the URL you are using to link to your FastSpring order pages, you can show the coupon field earlier in the order process.

Order Flow for PayPal

No matter what page linking option you use, customers will at some point be asked to choose their payment method. Since PayPal is not available for testing purposes, you can see the order process for PayPal users below.


After selecting PayPal as their payment method, customers will then see two PayPal order pages before returning back to your FastSpring store: the PayPal login page and the PayPal review of charges page, both of which have the FastSpring logo.


When customers click Continue on the PayPal review of charges page, they are then sent back to your FastSpring order page, where they can enter a coupon code, before completing their order.


Showing Coupon Field Earlier

If you are getting feedback from customers that are not purchasing your product because they cannot find the place to enter a coupon code, you may want to show the coupon code earlier in the order process.