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How do I add info to the page shown after purchase?

This article provides information about adding info to the page shown after purchase


Set Up Email Fulfillment

First, you need to have an Email Fulfillment Action set up that will be sent to your customers when a product is purchased. Go to SpringBoard's Store Home » Products and Pages. Select the product to which you want to add the Email Fulfillment Action. Clicking Add will show the various types of fulfillment you can set up. Select Email / Web Notification and go through the setup process. For more detailed information on this setup process, see Adding Fulfillment Actions


Add Web Fulfillment

After the initial setup of the Email Fulfillment , you can go back in and click Edit  next to Email Fulfillment.  Click on the Web tab. Information entered in the Web Contents, which should be formatted with basic HTML, will show up on the receipt page shown the customers immediately following a purchase of that product.


The Web Contents is a good place to put a link back to your website.  You can set up a simple link back to your website using the following code:

<p>If you would like to return to YOUR SITE <a href="">click here</a>.</p>

Additional Web Contents

In Web Contents, you can also include a thank you note, license information or file download links.  Putting fulfillment actions like download links and license codes will give the customer instant gratification, and also circumvents the (slim) possibility the email will not get to them for some reason. Examples of sample code for license information and file download links are below:

<p>License Code: #{orderItem.fulfillment.license.licenses.list}</p>
<p>If you need to download our product, <a href="#{orderItem.fulfillment.file.url}">download it now</a>.</p>

Additional details on creating these advanced product fulfillment options are presented in the article Adding Fulfillment Actions. In addition, you can reference Common Email / Web Template Variables.

We're Here to Help

If you need help adding license codes or download links to the order confirmation page, please open a support ticket