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Creating a Discount

An excellent marketing tool is to give your customers a discount of some type. You can make a discount that will appear to all customers, or you can make a discount that appears to only some customers, restricted by a date or a coupon code. This article will teach you how to create a discount for all customers. Once you have completed this process, you can learn how to create a discount with conditions.

Discount Setup

To create any discount or coupon, in SpringBoard go to Promotions and Appearance » Offers. Click Create Discount.


Enter in a name for your discount. This is not displayed for the customers, but is used to for managerial purposes. Optionally, enter in a message for the
discount you would like displayed to your customers. Pick the type of discount you would like to offer. These discounts include:

  • Percent Off
  • Amount Off Unit - If customers purchase more than one unit, they get the discount off of all units purchased.
  • Amount Off Product - If customers purchase more than one unit, they get the discount off of one unit purchased and the others are not discounted.
  • Free

Percent Off and Amount Off

When you choose Percent Off or Amount Off, you will need to enter the specific percent or dollar amount you would like this discount to subtract from the price.

327.png 328.png

For Amount Off discounts, you can also specify the amount off in country currencies other than USD by clicking on the + sign. SpringBoard offers a currency calculator for setting foreign currency amounts, showing real time exchange rates and +5% and +10% calculations for each. This can be accessed via the small calculator icon. 


If you do not need any restrictions (such as a coupon code, date limitations, or product limitations) on the discount, click Next. Your discount is in test mode. You can see what your discount will look like to your customer using store testing. 


Notice that the original price is struck through and that the discounted price appears. Under the price you can see the text that was entered in the field to display to your customers. When you are happy with your discount, move it to Active Status.

Need to Create a Discount with Conditions?

If you want to add restrictions to your discount, including placing a limitation based on a date or use of a single coupon code, please see discounts with conditions. If you would like to offer a variety of coupon codes that all produce the same discount, see creating a discount with multiple coupon codes.

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We're Here to Help

If you assistance with creating a discount offer, please open a support ticket.