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Subscriptions as Product Options

If your main product is a fixed cost, you may want to also offer a subscription / recurring related services.  A common example is a support or maintenance agreement.  

Another example, which is illustrated below with the sample fixed-price product “ABC Photo Organizer," is a regular update of an embedded stock photo library. Without subscriptions this would have to be presented as “$X for 1 year,” “$Y for 2 years,” etc. and after that period the customer must manually renew the service.

Using subscriptions instead opens up the opportunity to get more regular income for that type of option.

Create a Subscription Product

We need to create a subscription product first by defining price, billing period and fulfillment actions. See also Subscription Product Setup .

subscription_as_option_step1_screenshot.png subscription_as_option_step2_screenshot.png

Create a Product Option Group

Choose Product Options inside Actions on the right and enter a display name for that group. A group can contain multiple options (e.g. 1 month, 1 year, etc.). In our example, the selection type One Selection Only fits best, as the subscription is optional and only one kind of subscription is offered to choose.

subscription_as_option_step3_screenshot.png subscription_as_option_step4_screenshot.png

Add a Product Option

You can add multiple options to an option group.

Say we have a subscription for one month and another for one year. To add an option press Add Option and choose the subscription product you created before.

subscription_as_option_step5_screenshot.png subscription_as_option_step6_screenshot.png

Modify Product Option

We're now able to modify additional attributes for the product subscription.

In our example we will change the display name, choose the default selection, and set a meaningful name to the no subscription required option. Click Save inside Actions on the right.

subscription_as_option_step7_screenshot.png subscription_as_option_step8_screenshot.png


Test the result

To test the order page go to the Store Testing area.