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Types of Payment FastSpring Accepts

This article will teach you about the different types of payment options available to your customers through your FastSpring store order page, and how to enable or disable particular options. FastSpring currently accepts credit cardsPayPalAmazon PaymentsBank Wire TransfersCheck or Money OrderPurchase Orders, and certain Real Time Bank Transfers.

Types of Payment Methods

Credit Cards  521.png unionpay-logo.jpg

Your FastSpring store will accept payments by all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and UnionPay. You cannot disable this payment option. When customers choose Credit Card as their payment method, they will be asked to enter in their Card Number, Expiration date, and Security Code. They are also given an opportunity to change their billing address.



By default, your FastSpring store will display PayPal as a payment option. When customers choose PayPal as their payment method, they will be sent to PayPal's login page. Once they sign into their account, they will select from the payment methods already set up in their PayPal account. When they click Continue, they will be taken back to the FastSpring order process to confirm the order.


Amazon Amazon

When customers choose to Pay with Amazon, they will see a pop-up box where they can sign into their Amazon Payments account. Once they sign in to their Amazon account, the pop-up box will disappear and then they be able to choose from the payment methods already set up in their Amazon account, and can then confirm the order.


Note: This payment method is not available for subscription products.

Bank Wire Transfers method-bank-wire.png method-bank-transfer.png

By default, your FastSpring store will not display bank transfers as a payment option. Bank transfers are the most common form of cashless consumer payments in most countries within the European Union and Asia–Pacific. For more information about utilizing this payment method, see Types of Payment: Bank Transfers.

Note: This payment method is not currently available for subscription products.

Check or Money Order 523.png

By default, your FastSpring store will display the option for customers to pay using check or money order for US-based customers only. We do not display the check or money order payment method outside of the United States.

When a customer places an order and selects check or money order as the payment method, the order stays in Pending Payment status. FastSpring deposits checks the day we receive them in the mail (Monday through Friday). We then mark the order as complete and all fulfillments (emails containing the delivery of license codes and/or download links, and notifications) are then sent to you and the customer at that time. If you have an order that is marked Pending Payment, either we have not received the check or the check is missing information referencing the order (at which point we would escalate the matter for manual research). If we are still unable to locate the order, the check will be returned to the customer.

Note: These payment methods are not currently available for subscription products.

Purchase Orders

By default, your FastSpring store will not display purchase orders as a payment option. For more information about enabling and using Purchase Orders, see Types of Payment: Purchase Orders.

Note: This payment method is not currently available for subscription products.

Alternate Payment Methods method-giropay.png method-ideal.png  method-sofort.png  logo-wm.png method-alipay.png

The following payment methods are also available upon request:

  • Giropay (popular in Germany)
  • iDEAL (popular in the Netherlands)
  • Sofort (popular in Germany, and gaining popularity in other EU countries)
  • WebMoney (popular in Russia)
  • Alipay (popular in China; USD and CNY currencies supported)

Note: These payment methods are not currently available for subscription products.

Enabling and Disabling Payment Methods

To enable or disable most payment methods, go to SpringBoard's Store Home » Store Settings. Click on the Payment Methods tab. Under each payment method, select Enabled or Disabled. Make sure to click Save. Alternate payment methods can be enabled or disabled upon request by opening a support ticket.

Note: Currently only Credit Card and PayPal are available for subscription products.

Note: Be careful not to select Enabled Only under the Purchase Order drop-down unless you want your store to only accept purchase orders and no other payment methods. In this case, a customer will not see a Payment Methods section in the order form.