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Increasing the Minimum Price on Pay What You Want Pricing Option

This article will teach you how to increase the minimum price accepted when you create a "pay what you want" or "name your own price" pricing option for your product. Note: the custom amount minimum accepted, which cannot be changed, is $1.

Ways to Increase the $1 Minimum Price

Although the custom amount minimum accepted is $1 and cannot be changed, there are two ways to increase the minimum price of your product using other SpringBoard features.

Option 1: Use Product Options

You can set up your product as described in the Pay What You Want Pricing Option article, but there are a few minor changes. When you add Product Options in Step 2 and 3, you should set them up as an additional amount a customer would be willing to pay. Make sure to create a Product Option that gives the customer the opportunity not to pay additional amounts of money for the product. 

After adding your product in Step 1, you should select your pay what you want product, and then follow these steps. Click Product Options. Create your first option group which will contain your minimum price. Choose Bundle / Auto-Select as the Selection Type. Click Next.


Click Add Option. 


Under Create New Product, enter Minimum Price for the Product Name. Select Configuration Option as the Format. Choose Set Option Specific Pricing as the Pricing Type and, for Price Value, enter in your desired minimum price. Click Create.


Click Edit on the Option Group.


Click on the Display tab. Under Presentation, select Hidden. Click the X to close.


Click Add Option Group. Enter in a Display name, such as Additional Amount I am Willing to Pay. Choose Customer Specified Value (Donation) as the Selection Type. Unselect the checkbox under Selection Required. Click Create.


For this new Option Group, click Add Option.


Here you will first create a Product Option that gives the customer the opportunity not to pay additional amounts of money for the product. Enter in a Product Name (e.g. I do not wish to pay any additional amount). Choose Configuration Option as the Format. Choose No-Price / Zero-Prices Option as the Pricing Type, and click Create. We suggest that you offer at least one specific amount that a customer could pay above your minimum. To do so, click Add Option again, enter in a Product Name for the specific amount and choose Configuration Option as the Format. Select Set Option Specific Pricing as the Pricing Type and enter in the set amount that a customer can pay above the minimum. Click Create. You can add as many specific additional prices as you would like, but, in our experience, we suggest limiting the options to just a few because too many choices could lead to lower conversion rates.

268.png 269.png

When you have added all the possible additional amounts a customer can add to the minimum price, including the option to not add any additional amount, click Edit on the Additional Amounts I am Willing to Pay Option Group.


Under Optional / Unselected Display, enter in the words (e.g. I would like to also pay, $2.99 plus, etc.) you want displayed to the right of the radio button and to the left of where customers will enter their own additional price. Click the X to close. Click Save.


An example of what a customer will see during the order process is displayed below.


Option 2: Set Custom Pricing via a URL Parameter

This advanced option requires programming knowledge but allows you more control. You set up the page on your site and ask customers what they are willing to pay. On your side, you control the minimum you would let a customer enter, and then you pass the custom price via a URL parameter to FastSpring.

We're Here to Help

If you need assistance increasing the minimum price on pay what you want pricing, please open a support ticket.