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Style Options

This article will show you how changing basic Style Options settings will adjust the appearance of your order pages. Topics covered include changing text links to buttons, adding volume pricing, and changing the size of the payment method icons.

Changing Style Options


You can alter how certain things in the FastSpring order process appear to customers. By default, the first three options are checked. But you can change any of the options at any time. If you want information on altering your style template to more closely match your website, see Creating Custom Store Styles.

What Each Style Option Changes

Below you find comparisons between what your order process will look like when no options are checked and when a specific option is checked. Whenever you check or uncheck style options, you need to remember to click Save. Then you can see changes using store testing.

No Options Checked

Specific Option Checked



Use Standard Icon Set





Decorate Links as Buttons




Show Order Help Exit Popup

This popup box will appear when a customer is in your FastSpring order process and attempts to close the browser window before completing an order.




Display Product Option Prices Before Titles





Separate First and Last Name into Separate Fields





Require Typing Email Address Twice for Confirmation




Hide Coupon Field



Hide Company Field



Note: This would only appear if you have volume pricing set up on a product. Then a pop up window would appear when a customer clicked on Volume Pricing Available.


Show Volume Pricing Information on Detail Page


Display Form Field Inline

Payment Method Icons Set 1


Payment Method Icons Set 2


Payment Method Icons Set 3


Additional Style Options

Hide 'Remove' Action:

This option will hide the Remove button from some sections of the order form. However, it does not hide it from all sections. 

Hide 'Update Changes' Action:

This option will hide the Update Changes button from some sections of the order form. 

Hide "Make Changes' Action:

This option will hide the Make Changes button from some sections of the order form. 

Allow Style To Change:

This option is used is you have multiple active styles. It helps prevent some caching issues that occur with styles. If you have more than one active style, we suggest checking this style option.

Show Invalid Coupon Error:

If a customer enters an invalid coupon code, this will make an error appear telling them so.

Show Remove Product Option Action:

Shows the remove button for product options in the cart. This style option is rarely used.

Use Meta Tags:

This option will make the style use the viewport and other meta tags in the style. If this is not checked, the style uses the platform defaults and ignores whatever is in the style. We suggest checking this style option.