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Subscription Notifications

During the the life cycle of a subscription, four kinds of notifications may be sent: Subscription Activated, Subscription Changed, Subscription Deactivated, and Subscription Payment Failed. The one parameter that ties them all together is the subscription reference (API key) #{subscription.reference}. This article will discuss Notifications that can be used as an HTTP Remote Server Call (POST) or email.

Notification Setup

To setup any of the following Notifications, which will notify your application of certain events on your subscriptions, go to SpringBoard's Store Home » Notify.  Click Add next to Custom Notifications.. 

notify.png  403.png

Subscription Activated Notification

This notification will be sent when the customer first purchases the subscription product. This notification is only sent with the first purchase; it will not be sent for future re-bills like an Order Notification or an Order Item Notification will by default.

Subscription Changed Notification

This notification will be sent if certain properties of the subscription change. These properties are:

  • cancel / un-cancel (which will change the end-date)
  • change quantity
  • change tags
  • change product
  • apply or change discount
    • duration
    • coupon code
  • change next period date

If your subscription product is set to have unlimited periods, then this notification may indicate that a subscription has been canceled because an end date (#subscription.endDate}) will be set. Otherwise, the end date will be blank. When the end date is reached, the subscription is completely deactivated.

Subscription Deactivated Notification

This notification will be sent when a subscription's end date has been reached and the subscription becomes deactivated, due to cancellation by the customer, cancellation by you or FastSpring, non-payment, or limited periods. Once a subscription is deactivated, it cannot be reactivated. If customers want to continue with their subscription at a later date, they will have to go through the purchase process again or you can Create a Custom Order. For more information, see Cancelling or Deactivating a Subscription.

Subscription Payment Failed Notification

Whenever payment fails, the customer is put into dunning, which is a process wherein we email the customer to try to get them to update their payment information. You can configure the behavior of this process by going to SpringBoard's Store Home » Store Settings. Click on the Advanced tab. To modify the contents of the emails sent to customers, go to SpringBoard's Store Home » Notify. Select one of the three Notifications, shown below. For more information, see Payment Follow-up Notifications and Reminders.


We're Here to Help

If you need assistance with subscription notifications, please open a support ticket.