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Creating a Custom Order with Order Creator

You can use the Order Creator tool to create an order on behalf of a current or new customer. For example, a customer may require special products or special pricing that you do not normally offer. This tool is also useful for creating free orders, such as giving out free licenses for journalists, partners, or customers. Once the order is created, a URL will be provided to give to the customer to complete payment. To begin using this tool, go to SpringBoard’s Store Home » Order Creator.


There are two options for creating orders: Manual Entry and Base on Existing Order. The Base on Existing Order option is useful when the customer for the new order is the same as the customer on a previous or existing order. 

Base on Existing Order

In order to use this option, you must provide the Original Reference number (e.g. JUL120112-7119-41114 or JUL120112-7119-41114S) of the previous or existing order. Determine if you want to begin the new order with items from the existing order or if you want to begin with no products in the order. Click Next. If you began the new order with items from the existing order, they will appear under Order Items. Add new products to the order.


Manual Entry

If you want to manually enter in customer information, select a currency from the drop-down menu. Select Customer Language. Enter the customer's contact information. The First Name, Last Name, and Email fields are required.


If you want to enter in a customer's mailing address and/or VAT exemption ID number and have that information automatically pre-filled later in the order process for payment, check the checkbox to Enter Full Order Information / Purchase Order. If you do not have this information, click Next because your customer will be able to enter it during the checkout process.

Enter Full Order Information / Purchase Order

Select whether you want your product delivered after payment or before payment is received. Enter in a Customer Reference, if desired, which is typically an invoice number or purchase order number provided by the customer for their records. Enter in the customer's complete address. Here you can also enter in a VAT ID if your customers are located in a country that charges VAT but they are exempt from paying it. The VAT field will appear automatically on relevant country selection. If you leave this field blank, but customers feels that they are exempt from the tax, the customers can enter their exemption ID themselves during the check out process. Click Next.


Adding Products to Order

Click Add next to Order Items. Select a product you would like to add to the order. Enter in the details for Quantity, Unit Price, Unit Discount, and Shipping Total. Click Add. Repeat this process if you want to add additional products to the order. 


Save or Confirm Order

Click Save if you want to save the order to make changes later. For example, you may need to get more information from the customer. Click Confirm if the order is complete and is ready for customer payment. If you wish to have payment information sent automatically to the customer at this time, check Send Customer Payment Instruction Email before clicking Confirm.


If you did not check Send Customer Payment Instruction Email before clicking Confirm, you will need to manually send the customer payment information. You can click Customer Receipt / Invoice, which will open a new browser window with the customer's invoice. You can print this out and mail it to your customer, or you can copy and paste the URL from this page into an email to your customer. Alternatively, you can click View Payment URL, which will give you a URL directly to the order process where a customer can enter payment information, confirm the order amount, and complete the order.


Extending Due Date of Payment

If you would like to extend the payment due date by 30 days to give customers more time to submit payment details, click Extend Due Date. Note: You cannot reverse this process.


We're Here to Help

If you need assistance creating an order, please open a support ticket.