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How can I view a List of Current (or Active) Subscribers (or Members)?

Go to SpringBoard's Store Home » Reports. Under Exports, click Create. 


Go to SpringBoard's Store Home » Reports. Under Exports, click Create.

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Optionally, enter is a Name for display purposes. To see a list of current subscribers, set the Date Range to begin from a date before you started selling your subscription product(s) and end date of today. Under Report Type, select Active Subscriber Export (CSV). Click Create. This will submit the report for processing. Depending on the amount of data, it will take a few seconds or minutes to compile your report, and this reports page will automatically refresh every 20 seconds to check for newly processed exports. When the export has finished processing, it will appear in the Completed section. 


You can now View, Download, or Delete the report. This report will show you the following information about the subscription product: status, status date, product ordered, referrer, subscription period, quantity, currency, and subtotal. This report will also provide information about the customer, including first name, last name, company, email address, phone number, and country. You can also see an order's API Reference, the Customer Reference, and any End Date set for the subscription.


Note: To see a complete list of inactive subscribers, follow this same process but choose Inactive Subscriber Export (CSV) as the Report Type.

We're Here to Help

If you need assistance creating a report to view a list of active (or inactive) subscribers, or if you need something specific on this report that is missing, please open a support ticket.