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Notifications Overview


In order to notify your application of events that happen, FastSpring can notify your application. You can manage notifications inside the Notify Panel (toolbar button).

To add a new notification rule, click Add Notification Rule under Actions on the right. FastSpring allows to send notifications in conjunction with orders, returns and subscriptions. That notification can either be an email or HTTP request.


Order Notifications

There are three different kind of order notifications. "Order Notification" generates a single notification for the entire order. That's the recommended type for most cases. In comparison, "Base Order Item Notification" and "Order Item Notification" generate notifications for each order item. For a multi-product order, this will mean multiple notifications.

notifications_order_step1.png  notifications_order_step2.png


Return Notification

A single notification will be generated for the entire return. Returns may be for an entire order, one or more order line items, or a partial amount.

notifications_return_step1.png  notifications_return_step2.png


Subscription Notifications

Subscription provides three kinds of notifications. "Subscription Activated", "Subscription Changed" and "Subscription Deactivated". The first will be sent on sign-up, the second if any property (end date, product) did change and the latter on cancelation. You're free to pass variables like e.g. #{subscription.reference}.

Create a URL on your server like #{your host}/callback/activate and create a "Subscription Activated" push notification for that URL with 1 parameter named "id", with a value of #{subscription.reference}. After receiving the notification, pull the real subscription details down over the Subscriptions API.

account_notification_detail1_screenshot.png  account_notification_detail2_screenshot.png