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Reseller Partner Accounts in SpringBoard

In the past, FastSpring has faciliatated many needs of resellers via purchase orderscustom orders, and in regular orders by capturing both reseller and end user contact information. While these options work well for small volumes of orders, they still treat resellers like any other visitor of a web store, which causes a problem with a higher volume of orders. FastSpring's reseller partner account functionality creates a well-defined relationship between an organization and a FastSpring client, which lays the foundation for scaling up reseller operations.

Please note that a reseller partner is different from a payee or affiliate that is associated with split pay accounts.   A reseller partner is an individual or organization that will purchase products from you with the intention of reselling them rather than using them. Split Accounts provide a means for your marketing partners to receive credit for, track, and get paid a percentage of sales they generate for your products. For more information on payees and affiliates, see Setting Up Affiliates and Split Pays.

FastSpring Clients Capabilities with a Reseller Partner Store

Once we have added a reseller partner store to a client's FastSpring account, the client will be able to do the following:

  • Manage reseller partner relationships and the signup process.
  • Extend a credit limit in a secure way, enabling immediate delivery before payment from the reseller partner, thereby eliminating both the approval process required with purchase orders and the wait time for the reseller.
  • Provide tracking and reporting to the client, on a per reseller partner basis.
  • Adjust product pricing, on a per reseller partner basis.

Reseller Partners of FastSpring Clients Capabilities with their Reseller Partner Account

Once a FastSpring client's reseller partner has been approved by the client for a reseller partner account, the reseller partner will be able to do the following:

  • Self service the management of orders, assigned licenses, and unassigned licenses.
  • Receive immediate access to licenses when a credit limit is in place.
  • Minimize data entry when placing new orders because most of the information is on file.
  • Have multiple users manage the orders and licenses of a single organization's partner account.

Requesting a Reseller Partner Store

If you would like to request a reseller partner store to be added to your account, please open a support ticket.

Your First Steps

Once you have requested a reseller partner store by opening a support ticket, wait until you are notified that a reseller partner store has been set up in your account.

Add Products and License Fulfillments

Adding Products from your other FastSpring Stores

If you have products in another FastSpring store (in the same account) that you want to sell in your reseller partner store, go to your other store. Click Products and Pages and find the product you want to sell in your reseller partner store. Under Product Catalog, select your Reseller Partner Store. Enter a product name. Click Create. You will now be viewing your product in your reseller partner store. Next, add a license fulfillment to the product because this is what will be distributed to your reseller partners.


Adding New Products

Login to SpringBoard, click on your Reseller Partner Store, and add a product (or multiple products) to your account  that you want your reseller partners to be able to sell. You then should add a license fulfillment to the product because this is what will be distributed to your reseller partners.

Setting Discounts for Resellers

Every reseller partner gets an automatic source associated with them. To create a discount for a specific reseller partner, go to your product. Click Edit Price and then click Create Price. Enter in the price information that will be used for that specific reseller partner, and click Create.


Click Edit Conditions. Select Link Source Condition and click Next.


Under Link Source, select the reseller partner who will be getting this new price. Click Create. Move the price to Active Status.


Reseller Partner SignUps

You can either manually sign up reseller partners by going to Partner Management and clicking Add Partner, or you can have your reseller partners sign up on their own.


To have reseller partners sign up on their own, provide them with the Signup Page URL found when you go to the reseller partner store in your SpringBoard accout.


After they have signed up with the link (if you choose this method), go to Partner Management and accept them. This will automatically send them an email letting them know they were accepted and another email giving them their username, password, and the URL to login to their partner account access.

Managing Reseller Partners

In Partner Management, you can click on the reseller partner's name. For each reseller partner, at the top, under Order Settings, you need to decide between the two Credit Limit options.

  • No credit limit. Always requires an immediate payment. This default setting requires your reseller partner to pay before getting access to licenses.
  • Delivery occurs without immediate payment until the credit limit has been reached. This setting allows your reseller partner to get licenses before actually paying you, up to the given limit you specify. If you select this option, enter in the given credit limit, and click Save.


Reseller Partner Access

Your reseller partners will have their own SpringBoard login, with access to the available products (called available licenses), their available credit usage (if applicable, this is the amount they still have left to use before they must pay), and recent or pending orders. The reseller partner will create orders. They then issue licenses by entering in a customer name, company, and email address, and send the license through SpringBoard.

We're Here to Help

If you need assistance with reseller partner accounts, or have suggestions or feedback, please open a support ticket.