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Enabling Customers to Purchase Product as a Gift

Our regular order form is designed for the purchaser who is also the end-user of the product. Within our regular order form, a customer can select Make Changes to the Billing Address so that a customer can make a purchase for someone else.  Some customers find this unclear, and as a result, FastSpring offers a modified order form that makes separate areas for the information on the person purchasing the product and the information for the user receiving  the product.

Separate Purchaser Information and Recipient Information

If you would like the purchase information and the recipient information to appear separately in the order form, add the following the the end of the URL that you are using to link to your FastSpring store:


This URL ending will put your order form in a mode that will prompt separately for the gift recipient's information and the purchaser information. The purchaser's billing address, along with payment information, will be filled in on the following page of the checkout sequence. While the form will capture the gift recipient’s email address for fulfillment, the receipt of purchase will go to the purchaser. An example of this form is below:


Notifications on Gift Option

The fulfillment emails (including download link and license code) go to the gift recipient. The receipt of the purchase still goes to the purchaser. It is also a good idea to add some conditional messaging to your Email Fulfillments so that if the order is a gift, the gift recipient does not get confused. An example of some basic text, which will only be displayed if the gift option is used, is below.

<if test="#{order.isGift}">
You received a gift from #{order.purchaser.fullName} 

This code can be kept in your fulfillment emails; for regular purchases that are not gifts, it will just be ignored.

We're Here to Help

If you need any assistance with enabling customers to purchase a product as a gift, please open a support ticket.