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Understanding the Risk Analysis Fraud Prevention Screening


A very common reason that a potential customer's order may fail is when the order fails our risk analysis, which is our fraud prevention screening. If you click on Order Search from SpringBoard’s Store Home and find the failed order, and If the order has a yellow icon at the top that says Risk Analysis, then the order failed our risk analysis fraud screening.

Risk Analysis Details

To get more details about why the order did not pass the risk analysis, under Events, click on Risk Analysis.


Explanations of Risk Factors

In the interest of fraud prevention, FastSpring does not publish detailed explanations of the various anti-fraud metrics our system uses to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions. If you are a FastSpring seller and you have questions about a specific customer or order attempt, please open a support ticket.

Explanations of Non-Risk Factors

IP Address Country

The two letter country ISO 3166-2 code that our Geo-location service detects as the customer's IP location.

IP Address Region

More specific information for some countries that our Geo-location service detects from the customer's IP location. In the United States, this is usually the two-letter state abbreviation, while in other countries, this is usually a two-letter or two-number region of the country.

Payment Type

The payment method, such as credit card or PayPal, used by the customer. 

Card Country

The country associated with the credit card used.

Risk Analysis Threshold Settings

There are different risk analysis threshold settings, which can affect how likely a questionable order is to fails or succeed. FastSpring strives to maintain the ideal balance between allowing the maximum number of legitimate orders - with few or no false positives - and blocking the maximum number of fraudulent orders - at the risk of increased false positives. FastSpring can adjust these settings based on typical fraud patterns for a product.

What to do if Potential Customer is Not Fraudulent

While we strongly believe in the accuracy of our risk analysis detection, there may sometimes be a case in which a legitimate customer is blocked by the fraud screening. If you are a FastSpring seller and you have questions about a specific customer or order attempt, please open a support ticket, provide us with the failed order ID and let us know why you believe this order was legitimate.