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Incorporating Google Adwords into your FastSpring Store

No matter what your budget or how little time you have, you can reach new customers and grow your business using Google's online advertising program, Google AdWords.  FastSpring makes the integration process with Google AdWords quick and simple because we only need you to enter two values from your Google Adwords account. 

Google AdWords Setup

If you intend to use Google AdWords, keep in mind that you can link only one AdWords Account to a Google Analytics account. You should use a single Google Analytics account to track all of the websites associated with one AdWords account, and create as many profiles as you need for each site. This setup simplifies account administration, letting you do things like apply a filter to multiple web properties at once or have a single view of all the subdomains you are tracking.

If you have not already done so, sign up for a Google AdWords account. To do so, you will need a Google email account which will then have access to both your Google Analytics account and your Google AdWords account. Next, you will need to link your Analytics and AdWords accounts. During the linking process, make sure you choose the Google Analytics profile you created for cross-domain tracking.


FastSpring Setup

Go to SpringBoard's Store Home » External Tracking. Click Add Tracking Method. 


FastSpring offers three tracking types: Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and custom tracking. Select Google AdWords Tracking and click Next. 


You will need to enter your Google AdWords conversion id and label. To get this information, you will need to set up conversion tracking in Google Analytics and follow their directions to get the code snippet. In the code snippet process, make sure you select https as the Page security level for your conversion because your FastSpring store is secured using SSL.


When the process asks "Who makes changes to the code on your website?" selecting "I make changes to the code" will give you JavaScript code. Within this code, you can find your google_conversion_id and your google_conversion_label. Copy these values and paste them into FastSpring, and click Next.


Once you've added the Conversion Tracking code to your SpringBoard account, it can take up to 24 hours before conversions appear in your AdWords account.

We're Here to Help

If you need assistance with Google AdWords, please visit the AdWords Help Center. If you need further assistance integrating Google AdWords with FastSpring, please open a support ticket.