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Store Settings

This article will review each tab of Store Settings.  Anytime you need to update information about your account with FastSpring or modify global settings for your store, you will visit SpringBoard's Store Home » Store Settings.



The main information about your store and your FastSpring account is located in the General Tab.  You should have the main URL of your website and the name of your store. You can also enter in a display name which will customers will be able to see. If you do not enter in a display name, the store name will be used. If you would like to change what happens when a customer clicks the Continue Shipping button in the order process, set the Catalog Behavior field. Make sure to click Save when you make changes.


Support Contact

This is the section where you define what you want FastSpring to use when contacting your company and what you want the From, Reply Email, and email signature to be in all customer notifications sent by FastSpring on your behalf. Make sure to click Save when you make changes.


Payment Methods

Your FastSpring store inherently supports international payment options for your customers.  This section allows you to enable or disable the following payment methods: PayPal, bank transfers, check and money orders, and purchase orders. In this section, you can also set global settings for all of your products regarding multi-currency payment options. For more information, see Setting Currency Settings



This section lets you make changes to certain advanced features, such as payment follow-up notifications and reminders for subscription products, and embedding of web stores into an application.


Anytime you make changes in one of these sections, don’t forget to save!  You will see the Save button under Actions in the right column of each page.